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COSTARS is a new approach to the Cooperative Purchasing Program and is a great program for any Pennsylvania city, municipality or fire department. There are over 4,200 Local Public Procurement Units taking advantage of existing Commonwealth contracts. COSTARS' goal is to provide better contracts with competitive pricing, while increasing participation of eligible participants.
Who is eligible?
Almost any apparatus purchaser in Pennsylvania. Section 1902 of Act 57 of May 15, 1998, as amended by Act 142 of December 3, 2002, 62 Pa.C.S. Section 1902, authorizes local public procurement units to participate in those contracts for supplies and services entered into by the Department of General Services that are made available to local public procurement units.
A "local public procurement unit" is defined as:
  • any political subdivision
  • any public authority
  • any tax exempt, nonprofit education or public health institution or organization
  • any nonprofit fire company, nonprofit rescue company, nonprofit ambulance company
  • and to the extent provided by law, any other entity, including a council of government or an area government, that expends public funds for the procurement of supplies and services.
What is the cost?
Enrollment in the Pennsylvania COSTARS program is FREE!

What products are included?
KME's full line of apparatus including skid units, mini-pumpers, commercial and custom pumpers, rear mount pumpers, tankers, rescues and aerials. And now in 2010, KME's COSTARS contract includes a full range of police vehicles, ambulances and airport (ARFF) vehicles.
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Department of General Services
Bureau of Procurement
555 Walnut Street, 6th Floor
Harrisburg PA 17101
Toll Free: 1-866-768-7827
FAX: 717-783-6241

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