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The Metropolitan Area Planning Council has a program partnership with the Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts (FCAM) that allows for a simplified purchase process for a variety of pumpers at competitive pricing. By employing the state's collective purchasing statutes (Massachusetts General Law Chapter 30B and Massachusetts General Law Chapter 7, Section 22B) on behalf of FCAM, MAPC is bringing the price and convenience advantages of volume purchasing to the local level, and helping local staff save time and money by not having to engage in the complex municipal procurement process themselves. Savings occur in two ways:
  • Time savings: those who would normally be entangled in the Massachusetts public procurement process can be freed to address more immediate local needs.
  • Dollar savings: aggressive competition among providers for large contracts results in high volume discounts.
Who is eligible?
Members of the Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts (FCAM).

What is the cost?
1.5% of the purchase price, not to exceed $6,000

What products are included?
Both custom chassis and commercial chassis pumpers in a variety of configurations with hundreds of published options as well as KME’s full line of rear and midmount ladders, platforms and tractor drawn aerials.
Bulldog Fire Apparatus
17 Winter Street
Woodville, MA 01784

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