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The KME Ridgerunner™
is the Flagship of KME’s Wildland Product Offerings

It’s designed specifically to bring the performance of a full pumper into the WUI zone. Now departments no longer have to choose between water and mobility. This truck brings large pumping capacity and a large water tank (up to 1000 gallons), combines it with superior pump-and-roll, puts it on a short package with a tight wheelbase, and accessorizes it with all the NFPA 1901 pump requirements. Whether it’s on the highway, off the road, in the forest, or up the driveway, the Ridgerunner is designed for the job.

The Ridgerunner™ Pumping System Exceeds the Competition

Most manufacturers make you choose: you can have big pump capacity, but you have to stomp on the accelerator to get decent water pressure for rolling attack. Or you can have great rolling attack, but you can’t move big water. That’s not the case with the Ridgerunner. KME can give you NFPA ratings of up to 1500gpm while still providing 100gpm @ 150 psi @ 750 engine RPM – which means you can travel at walking speed without sacrificing stream consistency and reach. Available with either a midship or a rear mounted pump, this truck can provide high pressures between 400 to 600 psi. Whether it’s a master stream or a forestry line, this pump can handle it.


The Ridgerunner™ Body is the Ultimate Wildland Toolbox

Similar trucks are notorious for having small compartments; not the Ridgerunner. It features 29” deep compartments and 200 feet of enclosed storage volume. In addition, the Ridgerunner has room for ladders – not just a single, short extension ladder, but a full pumper complement of an extension ladder, roof ladder, and folding ladder. The standard hosebed can hold 1000’ of 5” house and still have room for 900’ of 3” hose. This allows you to get full ISO credit as a pumper.

The Ridgerunner ™ Has The Most Sure-Footed Performance of any Pumper on the Market

We didn’t call this truck the Ridgerunner for nothing. This truck has been tested to more than 30 degrees of tilt under the expected loading. While your performance will vary with your specific configuration and equipment, you can be sure that this truck is as comfortable off-road as can be. So regardless of the terrain or the weather you have to pass-through, this truck can get you there and back safely.

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