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Quick Attack


Quick Attack Units are Small and Light, Designed to Move Quickly to Where Larger Apparatus Cannot

Sometimes these units are multi-purpose, capable of not only Wildland attack, but other functions as well – such as light rescue, initial attack, or medical support. Sometimes these units are pure Wildland, with features such as heavy-duty suspensions and treadplate bodies for durability off-road. KME has several base models to start with, including flatbed bodies, patrol bodies, and full light rescue style bodies. And we have a full library of options, including portable gas and diesel driven pumps, tank sizes, discharge locations, and off-road modifications. And all of these units share the same design lineage with your larger units, so they will fit right at home with the rest of your KME fleet.


KME flatbed bodies are highly functional, no-frills units designed to take a beating. They are unpainted aluminum so they can fearlessly travel off-road without the worry of damaging the finish. Many compartment configurations are available both above and below the deck, but all compartments feature flush doors and sweepout construction for maximum accessibility and storage space.

Patrol Bodies

Patrol bodies are short 9’ bodies with limited compartmentation and a wide open area in the center for the pump and tank. All compartments feature full sweepout compartments for access. All doors are flush and will not suffer branches puncturing the gasket from the outside. A long-handle tool storage can be integrated on either side, and full length suction hose storage may be recessed in the top of the body. KME has lots of options for this body as well, such as hose baskets, gear storage bag lockers, tool baskets, and spare tire storage. Lastly, this body is available in aluminum, galvanneal steel, or fiber composite.

Quick Attack / Light Rescue Bodies

KME’s quick attack bodies are available in two lengths – a 10’ body for a 60” CA chassis, and a 12’ body for an 84” CA body. These units preserve space for the tank and pump in the center, but they have maximum storage space for whatever else you need to carry. The front compartment can feature a transverse tunnel for backboards, stokes baskets, or long-handle tools. The doors can be flush or rollup. And the truck can be built with a full hosebed or simply hose baskets above the side compartments. 

Universal Options

Regardless of which body you choose, KME has a full library of options to equip it to your needs. These include, but are not limited to…
  • Water tanks up to 400 gallons
  • Diesel or gasoline driven pumping systems
  • Electric winch systems
  • Off-road suspension kits with super single tires
  • Heavy duty bumpers and brush guards 
  • Direct injection and around-the-pump foam systems
  • Underbody protection packages and skid plates
  • Reels and preconnect lines
  • Front bumper turrets, including the KME Whipline™


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