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Interface Pumpers Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

Some departments want a short, tight package with a two-stage, high-pressure pump. Others want larger pumps and structural ladders. Everyone wants a unit that can handle the offroad environment. That kind of truck doesn’t come about by accident. And KME knows it’s a little more complicated than just putting your standard package on a 4x4 chassis and calling it an interface.

Our Interface Pumpers are Built For You and Your Environment

We don’t design our interface pumper; we design your interface pumper. KME has more flexibility and more range than any other manufacturer. Our apparatus can carry up to 750 gallon in the shortest wheelbase possible. Our engineers have found places for structural ladders and large hose loads. We have established ourselves as a leader in pump-and-roll with both diesel engine driven and PTO-driven pumps. Our options include both wetside stainless steel tanks and dry side polypropylene tanks. When you sit down with one of our representatives, we can show you our library of existing designs, or we can start with your specs. Either way, you can be sure that the truck you get is the one you want.

KME Has Built More Types of Interface Pumpers For More Major Wildland Agencies Than Almost Anyone

KME has built and delivered dozens of specialty units that meet the requirements of some of the premier wildland firefighting agencies. We have packages that meet the Forest Service’s model 326/346/448 specifications, the BLM’s model 667 specifications, CAL FIRE’s model 34 specifications, and the famous Southern California Type 3. If you’d like to take advantage of that expertise, all you have to do is ask.

KME Interface Pumpers are Built For The Loads

Rocks… branches… soft soils… uneven terrain… A wildland truck sees hazards that structural trucks don’t often see. Our bodies are designed on a heavy-duty subframe as the strongest foundation possible. From there, we use spring mounts to keep the stress at the wheels from transferring into the body. Our water tanks and tank mounts are reinforced to provide extra strength and stress isolation. In addition, we test our units using our on-site tilt table, off-center twist equipment, and miles of backcountry mountain roads.

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