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It's Not Enough To Take Your Standard Truck And Call It Wildland

KME Knows That The Off-Road is a Specialized Environment Requiring Specialized Features

Features like heavy duty subframes to keep the body strong. Features like flexible mounting systems to allow the body to move independently from the chassis. Features like true pump-and-roll to allow a strong, steady fire attack while the truck moves at whatever speed the operator desires. KME has supplied apparatus to some of the most demanding wildland agencies and departments. More importantly, though, we’ve listened to them and learned from their experience. If you need a Wildland vehicle for your department, let KME put that experience to use for you in designing the truck that meets your needs.

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KME Understands That Not Every Truck Can be a Wildland

Most fire trucks are designed to live their lives on the road. So if a truck spends a lot of time off-road, it requires special attention. The tires must be more aggressive. The body must be tougher with flexible mounting. The pump must be capable of high pressures independent of road speed. Perhaps the suspension needs to be higher with underbody protection. The plumbing must be simpler. KME understands. That’s why we have a special product line just for Wildland use. And we can back it up – our facility features an on-site tilt table, body twist equipment, measured grades, and miles of mountainside backcountry roads.

We’ve Supplied Trucks for Some of the Premier Wildland Agencies Across North America

When it comes to Wildland firefighting, it pays to listen to those who do it most often. We’ve delivered trucks to some of the largest and busiest Wildland firefighting agencies in North America at the federal, state, and local level. We’ve built those trucks to their specific requirements, and where appropriate, we can apply that experience to your truck as well.

KME Can Combine our Experience with your Needs to Build a Truck Tailored to
Your Requirements 

KME will work with you every step of the way in designing the truck that meets your needs. You’re welcome to come to us with your specifications, or you can start with our library of standard models and options. Many times you’ll find that we have already designed a truck very close to what you’re looking for. And if you don’t, or if you want to tweak, then we’re not afraid to customize. And if you’re not sure what you need, we will listen to your needs and make suggestions. Regardless of where you start, the goal is that the truck you buy matches the truck you need.

KME is Constantly Working to Bring Wildland Specific Options to Our
Wildland Customers 

Wildland is not just a side business at KME. We’re constantly talking to our customers to develop new products just for them. One example is our WhipLine™ bumper turret. Designed with Wildland customers in mind, this turret moves as fast as your arm and mimics the motion of a firefighter holding a nozzle. This allows the water to go where it’s needed without waste. The operator is kept safely enclosed inside the cab of the truck, and it costs less than traditional turrets. We’re constantly looking for innovations like this to make you more effective at your job.


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