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KME offers a full line of elliptical tankers ranging from the simple water hauler with no pump, to the fully load tanker with a pump, pre-connects and hose storage areas.

All tanks and apparatus are designed to exceed NFPA 1901 requirements; keeping firefighters safe is our top priority. Our Elliptical tanks utilize baffle designs that help ensure safe operations while driving the apparatus full, partial or empty of water. Tanks are designed to provide rapid filling and dumping of water.


·   Legacy Series: featuring one compartment forward of the axle on each side.

·   LX Series: featuring compartments forward and aft of the rear axle(s). 

Standard Features 

KME Elliptical tankers can be built on KME’s custom chassis line, or any commercial chassis available in the fire market. A wide range of pumps are available from 250gpm up to 2000gpm, in traditional midship locations, or packaged inside the front body compartment to reduce length and wheelbase.  Dump valves are available in the rear, as well as on each side of the apparatus in customizable locations forward of the axle(s), rearward of the axle(s), or between the tandem axles. 

Optional Features 

Elliptical tankers can be customized with storage in the fender, racks/enclosures for portable water tanks, storage for suction hoses, etc. The elliptical tank can be finished a variety of ways including: raw poly/fiberglass finish, painted finish, brushed finish stainless steel wrap, or a mirror finish stainless steel wrap.

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