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Special Service


KME's custom capability allows endless options for customers to configure rescues for special applications.

Whether responding to a local incident, natural disaster, or terrorist threat, KME has the solution. Our engineers work one on one with your department to ensure your responders have the tools they need to get the job done.

Air Light

Air/light units are specially designed to deliver breathing air and/or functional lighting to the scene. They offer 2 or 4 bottle (up to 32cfm), standard air cascade or compressor systems (electric or diesel driven) and a wide range of generators for horizontally or vertically mounted light masts.


Command center units are highly custom vehicles with special monitoring and communication equipment. Many have conference and work areas and some models include slide-out modules for additional working area.


KME hazmat units are designed for effective response to a wide range of hazards. They range from 10’ to 26’, many with command centers, and specialized storage. Apparatus includes specialized computer, weather and communication systems. Unique lab configurations are also available.


Scene rehab units can have many different roles. Whether stationed in a primarily cold or arid climate, these vehicles are designed to maintain a comfortable environment to allow you to stabilize your responder’s or patient’s core temperatures. Rehab units are also available with breathing air systems, galleys and lavatories as required. Available on custom or commercial chassis.


KME combines the best of a walk-in rescue with the storage of a walk-around. With cab or side body entry, interiors can be customized for several functions.


Crew Carrier

Wildland firefighters often have to travel distances over rough terrain to reach the fire scene. These units provide safe and comfortable transport for the crew with storage for equipment.

EMS/First Response

These units are typically first on scene with limited personnel to assess the incident. First response rescues can be designed around your EMS, fire or command needs. Units are traditionally designed with 10’ or 13’ bodies depending on storage requirements. They are available on any light commercial chassis.

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