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Light Duty


KME light duty rescues offer a full range of options to customize to your unique needs.

Available in lengths from 10’ to 13’, these units offer plenty of heavy duty features including the use of rugged substructure tubing and 3/16” aluminum. Special body storage compartmentation can be created for rescue, fire police and other special functions. 

Interior Design

Rescue body interiors can be customized to the mission of your truck. Fire departments are not limited to pre-determined layouts, sizes and components. Interiors can be customized with seating, cabinets, command desks, receptacles, computer stations, refrigeration, communication equipment mounting, and hundreds of other options to support your rescue mission.

Heavy Duty Inside and Out

Standard body trim materials are designed for rugged use and durability during the life of the vehicle. As standard, KME utilizes aluminum tread plate for flooring/walkway walls and fiberglass reinforced board for ceilings and side walls with upgrades available to each. All 12V DC wiring is installed using protective loom while 110/220v AC wiring is entirely encased in liquid tight conduit to prevent chafing and fatigue over the life of the apparatus.

Flexibility by Design

With your input, KME’s commitment is to design a truck around equipment and specific needs.
Combining flexibility and design by 3D modeling all bodies, shelving, and accessories, KME builds your department apparatus that is useful from the day it backs into the station.

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