Humane Fire Company | Royersford, PACity of Avondale Fire & Rescue, AZEmporium Volunteer Fire Department, PAMills Township, MISalisbury Mills Fire District


KME designed our rear mount pumpers with unrivaled compartmentation capacity packaged in a maneuverable short wheelbase.

Bodies are available in aluminum or stainless steel with a wide range of pump, tank, hosebed, and storage options on either a custom or commercial chassis. Rear mount pump panels are available on either side or in a true rear configuration.

Variety of Panel Options

Safety is KME’s top priority and our 3 pump panel positions (driver’s side, officer’s side, and true rear mount) allow departments to put operators out of harm’s way and increase vision at the scene. With KME rear-mounted pumps, the pressurized intakes and discharges can be removed from the operator’s area creating an area that is free of hazards.

Pre Connected Hose Lines

Utilizing KME's custom plumbing, pre-connected attack hose lines can be set-up for deployment off any side (front, sides and rear) of the apparatus. KME custom plumbing enables departments to locate pre-connected hose lines in locations and in configurations that will work best for their personnel on scene.


Custom Storage Body

Using KME’s innovative body design, departments can almost double the compartment storage space over a traditional side mount pumper while still utilizing a similar wheelbase and turning radius. This allows fully loaded rear mounts to maneuver both tight streets and highways while having the equipment for any emergency.

Intelligent Design

Bodies have plenty of equipment storage capacity with front transverse compartments and optional body roof compartments. Tank sizes range from 300 gallons to over 1,000 gallons and departments can choose from multiple pump options. KME rear mounts bring both pumper and rescue equipment as well as operator safety to every scene.


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