City of Philadelphia, PA

Severe Service


The KME “Severe Service™” chassis was engineered and designed for use in extreme conditions and environments while providing reliability to their customers call after call.

Starting with our proven cab design platform, KME has assembled a chassis that is truly severe in that every component has been subjected to high volume use in extreme conditions with over a million miles of real world testing. Originally designed for the country’s largest fleet, cities, and fire departments nationwide are going “Severe”.


Flat Roof, 10”, 16” and 22” raised roof configurations 
MFD, XMFD, LFD, and XLFD cab length dimensions 
96” and 100” wide cab models 
4x2, 4x4, 6x4 and 6x6 axle arrangements 

Models Include: 

Rugged upholstered interior 
90 degree cab door openings 
Multiple interior trim options to suit customer’s needs 
Engines from Cummins and Maxxforce ranging from 300-600 hp 
Hardwire wiring system with options for Weldon and Class One multiplexing 
“Barrier” style short cab doors with an option for full length doors 
Various options for interior/exterior EMS and cab compartments 
Extreme capacity HVAC system 
Painted chassis frame rails and components
Tinted cab glass 
Large interior engine access door 
Bostrom and Seats Inc. seating options

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