Carlisle Township, OH


True Sole-Source Manufacturer, Customization is Central in All We Do

Each Predator™ cab is built at our world headquarters location to your unique specifications.

Three cab styles in more than 300 configurations with multiple interior, seating, storage and power train options put you in the driver’s seat in designing the truck to meet your needs.

Designed for Custom

While many others claim to manufacture custom chassis, KME is a true sole-source truck. Our cabs are designed, welded, painted and dressed at our headquarters. Our chassis begins with lifetime-warrantied frame rails that are custom drilled for each application, and then we mount the engines and components you select from a vast array of options. By controlling all aspects of the process, we can offer unrivaled quality control and customization and the ability to support our products without any split warranty responsibility.

Seamless Integration

KME chassis are designed to integrate seamlessly with the KME body and the unique options of each configuration. KME starts with a core, proven and tested design, but then finalizes the configuration to ensure that the overall apparatus is optimized. For example, exhaust systems and related components are selected to minimize wheelbase and maximize turning radius. The suspension is selected to offer the best overall weight distribution, and electrical systems are designed to easily combine the chassis and body into one central system.

More Choices

Because KME has a philosophy of limiting the number of proprietary parts in our apparatus, you have a greater selection to choose from, and if something happens to that item, you’re not left paying a hefty premium for a part you can only get from your apparatus supplier. This keeps the initial cost down, and means long-term ownership costs will stay down.



The KME Predator™ family of cabs is designed, manufactured and tested to perform under the most rigorous demands.

KME has spent millions in engineering, development and testing to integrate products that not only protect operators and occupants, but also help to prevent accidents in the first place.


Exceeding Safety Standards 

Working in conjunction with industry-leading third-party safety specialists, KME cabs and chassis have met and exceeded all crash and crush test standards for frontal and side impact and roof crush tests in compliance with SAE-J2420, SAE-J2422 and ECE-R29. Through extensive third-party testing at an independent laboratory, KME cabs and chassis were subjected to the most rigorous and thorough battery of tests available in the industry. 

Rollover Testing

Rollover protection for all occupants has been verified through extensive testing. Seat pull testing KME has tested all Predator™ seat positions to meet all requirements of FMVSS 207/210.

Roof and Side Crush Testing 

In the event of a rollover, KME cab roofs and sides are so strong that they can withstand the weight of more than 120,000 lbs.


Full Occupant Protection

KME’s TOP™ (Total Occupant Protection) system is designed to give all KME cab occupants the ultimate protection in the event of a collision or rollover. These protection systems deploy within a quarter of a second to help protect firefighters by pretensioning the seat belts, lowering air seats to the safest position, and engaging air bag cushions and/or engaging a steering wheel airbag to protect the head and neck of the driver, while inflating a knee bolster airbag to protect the first officer’s knees. Combined with the cab’s rugged substructure and other safety features, occupants are protected at the highest level available to the fire service.
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