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KME tractor-drawn aerials are known for their maneuverability with the shortest wheelbase and overall length available in the industry. 

Select a 101’ with a pre-piped waterway tiller or add a pump and tank and transform your TDA into an NFPA® 1901 compliant quint. Select a 100’ tiller with no water and get the shortest TDA available, allowing you to get into tightest fire scene or smaller fire stations.

100' TDA Ladder 100' 94' 500 lbs.
101' TDA Ladder (Waterway) 101' 94' 500 lbs.

Maximum Flexibility

When you are first to arrive on scene you can have the peace of mind that your tractor-drawn aerial has a full quint rating for maximum flexibility to your firefighting fleet. The optional fire pump and tank allow this tractor-drawn aerial to assist with fire suppression. All tractor-drawn aerials are designed with the highest and widest handrails and an unrestricted, 500 pound rated tip load.


The tractor-drawn aerial is designed with maximum maneuverability and safety in mind, and that carries through to the design of the tiller cab. KME’s “no post vision” windshield eliminates the a-pillar for the greatest visibility to the front and side of the cab. Tiller cab doors are available with either the standard hinge-type door or rear sliding style.

Custom Body Storage

Need to carry rescue tools, fire suppression tools and the accessories to function as a true ladder company? There is no problem with that because each KME tractor-drawn aerial is designed to give you the maximum compartment volume in the industry. KME’s standard body features over a total of 500 cubic feet of storage while still giving you the flexibility of storage of ground ladders and supply hose.

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