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Rearmount Platform


AerialCat Platforms Bring Safety and Ease of Operation to Every Response

The 102’ AerialCat platforms offer the shortest wheelbases, overall lengths and lowest travel heights in the industry. Recognized as the strongest ladders available, KME ladders also take smooth operation to a whole new level. Our motion control systems provide safer and easier controls than any truck ever built for the fire service.

102' Platform 102' 94' 1,000 lbs.

Maximum Leveling Capability

Getting your AerialCat in operation is a simple, one-person process with our handheld outrigger controller featuring the automatic leveling system. Setup in tight spots is no problem either with the ability to short jack the outriggers, which only requires outriggers on the operating side to be fully deployed. KME platforms have the ability to perform at full capacity on slopes up to 11 degrees. You can lower the stabilizers a full 19” to set up on virtually any terrain and operate reliably, even on a severe grade.

Big Performance

It isn’t always about how high you can go, sometimes it’s about your capabilities at low elevations. KME’s steel ladder has a lift geometry that allows you to go an unobstructed 248 degrees of rotation at 12 degrees below horizontal without any impact on platform capacities or while flowing water. That same design also allows you to set the platform on the ground with the ladder fully retracted at a mere 33’ from the apparatus. Need more? Our aerial will allow you to be 14’ below grade at 12 degrees below horizontal when fully extended.

More Equipment Storage

Whether your aerial functions as a first-due quint or as a true truck, KME knows that storage space is important. With body configurations designed to suit your needs, our numerous designs provide over 290 cubic feet of storage, including storage for 1,000’ of large-diameter hose in an easy-access straight-shot hose bed. All body styles feature full height/full depth designs that allow for storage of tools and equipment. Most compartments feature a depth of 27” without sacrificing valuable storage space to allow for an NFPA® 1901 or ISO complement of ground ladders.

A Smarter Platform

With increased size, KME’s platform features mitered corners allowing for easy positioning against the building, regardless of apparatus placement and an improved turning radius. The KME platform also features the 3-in-1 safety system that allows for a stokes-restraint system, a high point equipment transfer point and a parapet roof ladder option.


Industry-Leading Platform Design

KME’s spacious platform offers 23 cubic feet of space for four firefighters and equipment. However, the platform still features mitered corners allowing for easy positioning against the building, regardless of apparatus placement. 


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