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KME Has a Full Line of Midmount Platforms and Ladders with Travel Heights as Low As 119” [9’ 11”]. Allowing Your Department to Maneuver in Low-Clearance Environments. 

In addition they feature a short overall length that ranges from 42’ to 47’, depending on model, allowing you to navigate the tightest areas. However, low travel heights and short overall length don’t equal small storage capabilities. KME midmount aerials allow for storage of 1,000’ of LDH hose, a minimum of 115’ of ground ladders, 300 gallons of water and plenty of storage space for your department’s equipment.

81' 5 Section Platform         81' 71' 1,000 lbs.
95' 5 Section Platform 95' 85' 1,000 lbs.
100' 5 Section Platform 100' 90' 1,000 lbs.
100' 4 Section Ladder 100' 94' 500 lbs.
100' 5 Section Ladder 100' 92' 1,000 lbs.

Customized to Meet Your Requirements

KME offers a full line of midmount platforms in 81’, 95’ and 100’ configurations designed to fit in your station with numerous travel height options. Concerned about cumbersome outriggers for aerial operations in tight fire ground scenes? The 81’ platform design only has one set of front out-and down outriggers along with rear downriggers. With only one outrigger extended from the apparatus in short jack operations even the tightest streets are manageable. 75’ and 100’ midmount ladders are also available. 

Ultimate Below-Horizontal Performance

It isn’t always about how high you can go but what capabilities your aerial has at low elevations. KME’s ladder has a lift geometry that allows you to go 12 degrees below horizontal without any impact on platform capacities or while flowing water. That same design also allows our 100’ midmount to set the platform on the ground with the ladder fully retracted at a mere 29’ from the apparatus.

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