FDIC 2012—KME Unveils 123’ AerialCat Ladder

The KME 2012 FDIC display will feature an all new 123’ AerialCatTM rearmount ladder being delivered to the Westfield, Indiana Fire Department.
The KME 2012 FDIC display will feature an all new 123’ AerialCatTM rearmount ladder being delivered to the Westfield, Indiana Fire Department. The device has an unrestricted 500lb wet/dry tip load and a 1500gpm waterway. It also brings all of the “fire service best” features found in KME’s 79’ and 109’ ladders introduced last year.
  • 114’ Horizontal Reach—With a 114’ horizontal reach, even during setback building operations the higher vertical reach and longer horizontal reach allow for 37% more scrub zone of a building than the typical competitive ladders.   
  • 2.5:1 Structural Safety Factor—KME’s ladders are constructed with 110,000psi steel, the strongest in the fire service and are the only steel ladders to offer a 2.5:1 structural safety factor. 
  • Store Front Blitz—KME’s unique waterway design and flow capability provide the ability to offer our “Store Front Blitz” feature. This design feature allows for the ladder to be positioned below horizontal and flow a 1500-GPM master stream above the centerline of the ladder. The tip of the ladder can be positioned inside a store front or structure and allow for a blitz interior attack with the aerial waterway. 
  • Safe and Clear Climbing LadderSpecial attention was given to the height and width of the ladder section dimensions. The fly section touts a fire service best height of 23.5” and 23.25” width giving personnel the security and work space required for safe travel. In addition, the wide fly section allows for a Stokes basket to slide through the ladder and for a full width roof ladder to be stored in the fly section. 
  • Stainless Steel Bolt-On Egress—The ladder incorporates a new stainless steel bolt-on egress with knurled stainless steel handrails and rungs, increasing safety and reducing possible paint damage that is typical at the ladder tip. The egress is equipped with “Ladder Tip Skid Guards” on the very tip, which allow the ladder tip to slide on a roof or side of a building without getting caught on building materials. 

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