KME In The News

The Hazleton (PA) Fire Department had a lot of experience with KME products as its fleet contains two KME engines, a KME aerial ladder, and a KME aerial platform. So when it came time to purchase a rescue-pumper, Hazleton again turned to KME.
The City of Wilkes-Barre Fire Department welcomed two new additions to the department on Monday. The first is a new fire engine — a 2017 KME Ford F-550 Super Duty Mini-Pumper.
The Petersburg Fire Department received one of three new KME trucks on Thursday.
The Bakersfield (CA) Fire Department is standardizing its fleet of engines through a seven-year contract with KME that has delivered five pumpers thus far, with a sixth engine in production and expected to be delivered later this year. Ross Kelly, Bakersfield’s deputy chief of special services, says that standardization is important in the department, especially on its engines. “We have six KME front line engines,” he says, “and with these KME engines, which we have been getting since 2012, we configured them all the same so our firefighters know where the equipment is on any of the vehicles they ride on.”
A New Jersey fire association, in need of a heavy-duty pumper to protect a refinery, recently received a grant from the oil company that owns the refinery to purchase a custom foam pumper.
The Whitehouse Rescue Squad faces a wide variety of rescue challenges, such as motor vehicle crashes, technical rescue incidents, farm rescues, water rescues and entrapments. Providing the best possible rescue services, with the most favorable patient outcome, is greatly enhanced with up-to-date technical components of a rescue vehicle. In 2016, the Readington Township Committee authorized the purchase of a 2017 KME Heavy Duty Rescue Unit to replace the squad's 1994 vehicle. The vehicle was recently delivered.
The officers and firefighters at the Branson (MO) Fire Department got the opportunity from the city of Branson to fund a new engine and looked to several manufacturers to produce a rescue-pumper that would meet the needs of a fire district that covered 11,000 residents and eight million visitors annually. Branson Fire Department chose KME to build their KME PRO Rescue-Pumper.
The US Air Force (USAF) is acquiring 144 vehicles from Kovatch Mobile Equipment (KME), to meet its P-34 Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV) requirement for aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF).
Just the other day, there was a traffic accident where a large tanker was hit and began to spill its load of gasoline. “It dropped about 100 gallons of fuel on the ground,” said Will Nash, Long Beach Fire Department spokesman. “That spreads out and can cover a large area. And should that find an ignition source, it could be devastating.” The tanker actually held several thousand gallons of fuel. In the very near future, the LBFD will have a very specific piece of equipment that was designed to handle just that type of scenario, Nash said, and it is called the Foam 12.
The Bakersfield (CA) Fire Department covers a wide swath of territory within the Bakersfield, California, city limits-144 square miles with a population of more than 347,000 people-with 180 firefighters working 14 pumpers, three ladder trucks, and a variety of other apparatus out of 14 stations. So, fleet uniformity is an important consideration to Bakersfield's officers and firefighters when specing out new apparatus.
On a trip to KME's headquarters in Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania, John Kovatch III agreed to sit down and answer a few questions about KME and the fire industry in general.